Chancey is an extraordinary dog.   She knows how to bring anything.   She knows how to close the door when we enter the house (even without my asking).   She brings my shoes from the closet in the morning, and puts them back into the closet when I go to bed.  As a service dog, Chancey has the legal right, to enter anywhere the public is allowed; any store, shop, restaurant, hotel, or any mode of public transportation,etc., with me.   

Having a service dog gives me more independence as well as the confidence to live a more full life.   Truly a blessing!  If you see a service dog; remember, that dog is working and should not be touched.



This is Chancey, my dog.  She is nearing 4 years old.   I got her at the Humane Society a year after my mom died.   She has helped me tremendously.  Before I got her I was having a season of deep depression.  My mom died, then my grandmother died soon after.  I began to lose interest in the things I once held dear.  But one thing was always true regardless of my feelings of depression; I had a comfort zone that I had a difficult time breaking.   I struggled with things like taking a mere, “walk”, down the street by myself.   Going off my street certainly didn’t happen!

Once I got Chancey, I was off and running!  Chancey helped me fight through my anxiety to a level that I had never seen.   Because of Chancey, I went from fear of rolling up and down my street to rolling all over the downtown area.    Chancey has helped bridge a gap I had longed to see.   

When trained properly, dogs can be a great source of freedom for people with disabilities.   Life sure has changed for the better in my case!   Very soon, I’ll even have a new puppy.   Chancey and I will be welcoming a Newfoundland.  I can’t wait!    I’ll talk more about how dogs have played an important role in my life as time progresses.