One of my favorite past times is going to the downtown square.   Sometimes I’ll go meet my friends for lunch, or I’ll take one of my dogs for a walk.   It’s incredibly accessible, except for maybe a few old buildings.  The City has done a lot of great work to make our square look beautiful, and attractive.

One of the most frustrating aspects of going to the square, especially when I am meeting friends, is when the handicapped parking lots are full.  It seems to happen around lunch time while every one is in a hurry.  Too many cars using the handicapped parking places don’t even have a permit anywhere on their car. 

If you are not disabled, please be courteous to those of us with a disability who are quite active and out-going.  

As a kid, I got to play wheelchair sports such as basketball, and soccer.  While there was some modification,  the basics were the same as anybody else who played.  Track and Field were also a part of my childhood.  It seems like yesterday I was on the starting line of the 60 meter dash.  I was a fantastic sprinter, so the 60 meter dash was a perfect fit to win 1st place.  My favorite field event was the club and javelin.  I competed in the shot put, and actually landed on the front page of the local newspaper holding a shot put in my hand.

I suppose the point to sharing this is that my family made sure that I was active.  I stayed plenty active in sports.  Unfortunately, as an adult I went years without being active. It wasn’t until I started attending church, and getting to make friends that I started getting to be a social person.  However, when I got my dog last year, that’s when my activity level went to an all time high.  With my dog, Chancey, I was able to break all kinds of boundaries I had built around me because I was so anxious. 

Without the help of Chancey, I’d probably still be in my comfort zone, watching television all day waiting for someone to initiate some type of activity that I could be part of.  Since I have gotten a dog, I feel so much healthier.  Dogs are a great motivator!