One of my favorite past times is going to the downtown square.   Sometimes I’ll go meet my friends for lunch, or I’ll take one of my dogs for a walk.   It’s incredibly accessible, except for maybe a few old buildings.  The City has done a lot of great work to make our square look beautiful, and attractive.

One of the most frustrating aspects of going to the square, especially when I am meeting friends, is when the handicapped parking lots are full.  It seems to happen around lunch time while every one is in a hurry.  Too many cars using the handicapped parking places don’t even have a permit anywhere on their car. 

If you are not disabled, please be courteous to those of us with a disability who are quite active and out-going.  

Accessibility always makes me smile.  That’s because someone or some organization took the time to think about how a person in a wheelchair can have access to their business, or some type of organization, housing, etc., that is open to the public.  This morning, it was my church.  My church has automatic doors so that people who might have a difficult time opening one of the other doors can come in and be part of the worship service, or take part in some other form of ministry.   They also have a very cool lift behind the modern worship platform.  Since I’m a harmonica player I have had the privilege of sharing my gift with those in the congregation.  But it could not, and would not happen if someone had not taken the time to think about people in wheelchairs.   Allow me to offer my gratitude to all who take the time to make it possible for people with disabilities of all kinds to access the community.  Whether you are the ones who thought of the ideas, or built the ideas, I’m truly grateful.