Changed by K9’s

When I look back at where I have been; insecure, reserved, and anxious, I have to marvel at how far I have come.   

It all began with Chancey.  Because of her I am able to stretch my comfort zone to new everyday heights.   With her it’s nothing for me to go to places I would not have before.

Then recently I got a Doberman Pinscher.  She is 5 months old and sweet as pie.  While Chancey stretched my comfort zone,  Grace, my Doberman, taught me how to be assertive.   Before these dogs,  I allowed people to walk all over me.  

A couple of days ago my sister visited.  She made reference to me acting different than she ever saw me.   I made the suggestion that perhaps she sees me as more assertive and authoritative since I am having two high energy dogs.   She agreed to this.  

I also believe this is true of me.  I have gained a lot more confidence, especially after I bought my Doberman.   I can see myself more assertive as life goes on.   For me that is exciting because it opens up a new world to me. 

Yep, looking back, dogs have changed me for the better, too. 

Today, I am calm, confident, and don’t mind a healthy risk every now and then.  I can honestly say, Life is better with my two dogs.  I am very grateful.      

                      With love, Trey

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