Several years ago I started noticing a trend of handicapped parking ramps by the back door where they take the trash outside.  Especially at this place where I used to buy lunch on a regular basis.  Notice I said, “used to”.   I realize when taking out the trash it is better to do it where it has the easiest access.  However,  when this is done where people must use the handicapped parking ramp,  it can make for an uncomfortable visit.   Not only that, the outcome might be the loss of a valuable customer.   

When I look back at where I have been; insecure, reserved, and anxious, I have to marvel at how far I have come.   

It all began with Chancey.  Because of her I am able to stretch my comfort zone to new everyday heights.   With her it’s nothing for me to go to places I would not have before.

Then recently I got a Doberman Pinscher.  She is 5 months old and sweet as pie.  While Chancey stretched my comfort zone,  Grace, my Doberman, taught me how to be assertive.   Before these dogs,  I allowed people to walk all over me.  

A couple of days ago my sister visited.  She made reference to me acting different than she ever saw me.   I made the suggestion that perhaps she sees me as more assertive and authoritative since I am having two high energy dogs.   She agreed to this.  

I also believe this is true of me.  I have gained a lot more confidence, especially after I bought my Doberman.   I can see myself more assertive as life goes on.   For me that is exciting because it opens up a new world to me. 

Yep, looking back, dogs have changed me for the better, too. 

Today, I am calm, confident, and don’t mind a healthy risk every now and then.  I can honestly say, Life is better with my two dogs.  I am very grateful.      

                      With love, Trey

Making the bed…probably one of the most difficult tasks I have to do sometimes.  I do have help during the week, but there are times, like tonight, that I am left to do it myself. 

Unlike most people who can make the bed while off the bed; once I tuck the bottom two corners, I have to transfer to the bed, and sit on the sheets in order to stretch them over the top corners of the bed.  This takes some arduous work since I am actually sitting on the sheets themselves all the while, stretching them to their respective top corners.   I have to lift myself up using the pole hanging from the ceiling.  IMG_3069e

Before the pole, I had to do a lot of crawling on the bed to pull the sheets in place.  It definitely takes a lot of time and patience for me to put sheets on the bed. 

Lately, I’ve started  to look at making the bed from the perspective of achieving a goal rather than an arduous task that’s not fun to do.  The goal perspective actually makes it worth while.  I have used that method for other things as well.   Setting achievable goals has helped me to achieve greater goals in the long run. 

Now I can’t imagine not having some kind of goal in mind.  Whether it’s learning to play another musical instrument, training a new dog, or rolling a longer distance in my manual wheelchair.  When I’m goal-oriented, I’m more motivated. 

While making my bed is still a difficult thing to do, my goal is to get faster and more efficient. 

Continuing to set goals.  




One of my favorite past times is going to the downtown square.   Sometimes I’ll go meet my friends for lunch, or I’ll take one of my dogs for a walk.   It’s incredibly accessible, except for maybe a few old buildings.  The City has done a lot of great work to make our square look beautiful, and attractive.

One of the most frustrating aspects of going to the square, especially when I am meeting friends, is when the handicapped parking lots are full.  It seems to happen around lunch time while every one is in a hurry.  Too many cars using the handicapped parking places don’t even have a permit anywhere on their car. 

If you are not disabled, please be courteous to those of us with a disability who are quite active and out-going.