Prilivilege? Maybe not.  

One night as a teen my family and I, while on vacation, visited a park.  The park had lots of rides.  Many parks like this one allow for people in wheelchairs and their families/friends to go through the exits and get in front of the line.  As a young kid I felt like a king. But this particular night I felt like a tool.  

There was talk amongst the others about wanting to go on this roller coaster that turns upside down.  Some in my family wanted to go, including a friend of my sister’s.  When I would not go that friend tried to guilt trip me into going and was mad that I was steadfast. 

Later she apologized for trying to use my disability to get into the front of the ride.  

It is an honor for me to give people that extra privilege who are with me.  When my friends and I go to concerts, etc., I will often ask them if they want to ride with me so that we can park close.  But when I sense there is an alterior motive, that can be demeaning.  

Privilege? Most of the time, yes.  But sometimes I would just like to wait in line with the others at parks.   

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