“A Bridge of Trust (asking to help)”

Several years ago I was going up an inside ramp at church when a friend asked me if she could help push me.  I must not have responded too kindly because years later she reminded me that I was determined to do it myself and turned her help down.

I’m all about determination; I mean…it’s helped me come a long way in life.   But sometimes I can be so overly determined that I forget receiving help can be a priceless gift.

For instance,  I was with a friend recently.  We were discussing this very thing.  A little bit later, as we were going up a rocky path it all of a sudden became easier to roll my wheelchair.  Instantly, after having that conversation, I knew my friend had felt comfortable enough to take some initiative to help me; confidently knowing that I would receive it without being asked.  For me, this created a mutual trust.

If you are in a wheelchair, don’t let pride of determination get in the way of a trusted friend’s genuine desire to help push you, even if you can do it yourself.

If you are not in a wheelchair, but are a friend to someone who is, don’t be afraid to ask to help.  If you’re on the same page, it can help build a bridge of trust. 






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