Rolling through “yuck”

Since I got my dog, Chancey, my range of “travel” has widened a bunch.  Before Chancey, you could not get me to go off my street without another person with me.  Things sure have changed over the last year.

Change sometimes come with surprises.  As I have ventured out more and more, there’s a particular thing I have to dodge pretty regularly that sticks to the pavement; spit.  

Many a day have I rolled through spit among other unpleasant “yuck” that seems to land on the concrete.  I remember one time I rolled through someone’s spit and it came back up on my coat.  I could not wait to get home and take it off to wash it!

In the past I, too, have been guilty of spitting on the pavement.   Once I rolled in it, I had a very different perspective. 

One of the most common places I see someone spit is when they are exiting out of a building or car. 

Whether you walk through it, or roll through it, one thing remains; spit is a, “yuck!”



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