Serving Others

Very early this morning our church spread out around the community to serve others.  I had the privilege of taking cookies to a couple of fire departments.  When I rolled in I had no idea how fantastic the experience would be.  All three fire fighters were very kind and welcoming.  One of them took me on a tour. I got to see where they bunk for the night, their office, and where they watch TV, which is set up like a typical living room.  I ended up staying much longer than I anticipated, having really good conversations.


At the next fire department I barely rolled out of the car before they all came outside and met me.  Although a much shorter visit, I still felt very welcomed.  They were very curious about my MV-1 vehicle.   I gladly showed them how it all works.  

At both departments I prayed with them before I departed.

I don’t know what it is, but this particular act of service was so different than any other.   It went a long way past the simplicity of “just” serving cookies.  I wasn’t just serving cookies.  I was serving a message of hope, for at the end of each visit, I had the privilege of praying  with them.

You know…I think that’s why this particular time was so different than others; because I learned to understand serving as a privilege, not a chore. 

From now on, I will always look at serving as a privilege.  




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