The past few months someone has come over on a weekly basis and helped get confident in cooking.  This is one of the most difficult things I have had to overcome.  The confidence didn’t come easy.  Thankfully someone invested their time in me and helped me learn.  Today, I can make a very good meatloaf.  I can’t also make baked chicken, stuffed chicken (I stuff with roasted red peppers) I have learned to make cobblers several other foods.  

In the picture, I’m sitting on a stool which I bought today because the only thing I was missing in cooking was being able to use the stove.  I tried using a mirror. It was helpful to some degree, but I really wanted to get up to it.

Since I am cooking more, I have a lot more energy. Although this past week I have not felt like cooking because I have a UTI.   I started on antibiotics yesterday and today was already prepared to cook green beans.

I went from no confidence to great confidence in my cooking.  I’m very glad I didn’t let fear of cooking hold me back.  It truly has made a difference. 

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