Above is one of hundreds of photos I have taken the past few years.  I got into photography as a way to take my mind off of a broken heart.   During those days I spent hours upon hours trying to get the perfect shot.  

Here’s a silhouette photo of a cardinal.  I was amazed after I took it. It looked like the cardinal was praying!

Praying Cardinal on a Limb

Chancey, my dog, makes for good opportunities, too.  I tried this composition of one of my former wheelchairs with Chancey lying beside it. 

Chancey by chair black and white

Black and Whites are my favorite pictures to take.  I guess perhaps I’m a little nostalgic. 

If you follow my blog, you’ll recognize this one. I took this, too.  I used the old wheelchair above as my tripod. I asked Chancey to go sit in the spot while I setup the camera shot, setting it on automatic, I quickly rolled up to sit beside my dog.  I was proud of this one, especially.


I use a Panasonic Lumix 1000 with a Leica Lens. 

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