Changing Perspective

Several years ago I was being prepared for a surgery to remove staghorn stones in both kidneys and bladder. 

Unfortunately, they apparently I began to bleed profusely.  They stopped the bleeding temporarily.   Overnight I kept bleeding and the next morning my blood pressure was so low I needed a blood transfusion. 

The next evening the chaplain came into see me.  I asked him how he was doing.  He told me that he was having a bad day.  Here I was, just having a blood transfusion, I have sores on my body, and he’s telling me he feels bad.  

Maybe it was the voice of God, but I felt compelled to pray for him.  Despite the fact that I looked worse than him lying on a hospital bed.  

God showed me this night that even though I may have looked worse, I had gone through surgeries all of my life, while perhaps this chaplain may have been experiencing something he had never been through.   Who was I to judge whether my day was worse?  Common sense was not making sense that night. 

Was this the Romans 8:28 Scripture coming to fruition?  Well, it sure did me good and I believe God was glorified. 

As a person with a disability whose life has been filled with trials, I’m grateful that I continue to learn how to see things from a heavenly perspective. 






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