From 1st Car to Current

My first car was a 1976 Cutlass Supreme.  That car was the bomb!  I shared it with my step brother at the time, until the family van became his to drive.  My cousin and I loved to drive fast over steep hills and see if we could jump it like the Dukes of Hazzard.  We hardly got off the ground, but I sure could feel that spine-tingling feeling that went over the top.  One of the girls I dated back then was in a wheelchair, too.  The wheelchairs back then were not made of the light material like today.  I was responsible for getting her wheelchair in my car, followed by mine.  That took some arm strength.  We also worked at the same movie theater.   I’d pick her up and we’d drive to work together.  The only problem we had with this was that our wheelchairs often got stuck together.   I finally got into the habit of making sure that where ever we went, we’d have someone come help us take out our wheelchairs.   We had some good laughs over it.  

Today I drive an MV-1.  It’s a vehicle built from the ground up for people in wheelchairs.  The ramp comes out of the bottom of the floor.   Vehicles have come a long way in helping disabled people have more freedom.   It has made transportation so much easier. 

From my fun Cutlass to my convenient MV-1  I’ve experienced a lot of changes in vehicle accessibility. It’s also helpful to have a titanium wheelchair.   I’m grateful for the changes that have been made over the years.  Thanks to the innovators who make it possible to travel!

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