I have had many hobbies over the years such as, ventriloquism, guitar/harmonica, photography, and more.  There’s one hobby that has always taken center stage of them all; writing. 

Writing will always and always has been a part of my life.  I remember the first time I began writing.  It was at the age of 10.  Lying on a stretcher in front of the nurses station during a 4 month stay, I saw a drawing of a nurse that a friend of mine had drawn. He was there nearly the  same time.  It was what he wrote underneath the picture: “Have you hugged your nurse today?”   That was when something sparked and all of a sudden I wrote a poem with this question as the title.  (I would share it if I could remember the words.)

I wrote and wrote as a kid.  It was a great way for me to express my feelings so young.  After I gave my life to Christ, my writing was prolific.  All of a sudden I was writing something daily, sometimes more! 

I guess it’s no wonder I have a blog.   It’s a great avenue to share my experiences with a disability.  Second to my faith, writing has been a great source of solitude in the midst of chaos that sometimes a disability can bring.  Nevertheless, I keep on rolling. 








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