Chancey (My dog)

This is Chancey, my dog.  She is nearing 4 years old.   I got her at the Humane Society a year after my mom died.   She has helped me tremendously.  Before I got her I was having a season of deep depression.  My mom died, then my grandmother died soon after.  I began to lose interest in the things I once held dear.  But one thing was always true regardless of my feelings of depression; I had a comfort zone that I had a difficult time breaking.   I struggled with things like taking a mere, “walk”, down the street by myself.   Going off my street certainly didn’t happen!

Once I got Chancey, I was off and running!  Chancey helped me fight through my anxiety to a level that I had never seen.   Because of Chancey, I went from fear of rolling up and down my street to rolling all over the downtown area.    Chancey has helped bridge a gap I had longed to see.   

When trained properly, dogs can be a great source of freedom for people with disabilities.   Life sure has changed for the better in my case!   Very soon, I’ll even have a new puppy.   Chancey and I will be welcoming a Newfoundland.  I can’t wait!    I’ll talk more about how dogs have played an important role in my life as time progresses.



  1. I know you went through so much, Trey. Chancey gave you a chance to gain independence- which the two of you have enjoyed accomplishing together. Your relationship is lovely!


  2. Hi Trey,
    I am so glad you are enjoying cooking😊. There are lots of recipes on my Facebook page. I love to cook snd so does my other half so if you ever want. Other recipes. ..


  3. Trey; We are third cousins, your grand-mom being my first, your mom being my second. We have not met but once that I can remember but your remarkable journey through life has left me with a profound respect for the human spirit. I occasionally write under the nom de plume of jHamilton. I would like to share this very small portion of an introduction to a series of short stories scheduled to be published late this spring, it seems to fit.

    “Before there was a beginning, there was nothing; a dark, timeless nothingness containing but a single, pure, mathematical description of energy existent at a point where there was no such. No time, no space; nothing.

    Prime uttered ‘The Sound’. It consisted of a single elemental pulsation of thirty-three syllables that penetrated and disrupted the emptiness, compressing that mathematical description into a non-dimensional oscillating wave function that interwove space and time into a continuum establishing the very basis of forth-dimensional existence; an existence that has persisted for almost 14 billion years.

    At the very core is a series of occurrences coexistent within space-time and demarcated by two opposing forces, equal but opposite, extant congruently in junctive position (the Ying and Yang). At the interface of that juncture is change; and change is the only constant, the only absolute; it permits. It was, it is, and it will be evermore so long as we exist.

    As humans, we perceive and analyze these changes. How we respond to that analysis is fundamental – it is the very heart of our existence: The sum of our collective responses, when taken as a total, is the crux of our reality, the delimited boundaries of our being. Without, there is nothing. ”

    Your response, when added to the whole, has enriched all – – – Thank you.

    Catch you later cuz – – –


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