I have many talents.  Walking on my hands is among them.   This is me in South Florida on the beach.   How I learned to do this is another post for another time.  I wanted to show this picture because it shows what my body became because  I did not do my exercises and stretches as the physical therapist instructed me to do.  As a result of not listening, my body locks at my knees and hips.   At one time my body could straighten which allowed me the opportunity to stand using a para-podium.   This is kind of  like leg braces that reach from the hips and have a platform at the bottom.   Since I kept falling over (because I moved rather quickly) it was decided I should use my wheelchair most of the time.  As you can see, my body looks like the shape of a chair.   Parents, I can’t stress enough the importance of doing the stretches if your child’s physical therapist has directed it.   The one thing I miss most is the ability to sit straight up on the floor with my legs straight out.   Before doing any kind of exercise or stretches, I would strongly suggest consulting with a physical therapist, first.  

As far as my talent; walking on my hands, there was a time I worked with a fitness trainer.  She asked me to do 50 push-ups on my hands!   After resting a short moment at 25 reps, I went on to complete the whole 50!   Don’t try this without a professional trainer to assist. 

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